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Wal-Mart Testing Toys of Biblical Proportions

Wal-Mart is test marketing religious action toys, hoping there's a Goliath-like appetite out there for something other than Bratz dolls or Dragon Ball Z. The toys are being made by One2believe in California, and they'll be rolled out in August at 425 Wal-Mart stores. The test stores are not just in the Bible Belt, but in places like California. The action figures include a 3" tall figure of Daniel in the lion's den, and a foot-tall talking Jesus. What would Jesus do? Ask him! He talks!

I already found the One2believe dolls for sale on out Jesus is buff. Hey, He was a carpenter! Warning, the review said Jesus comes with

Talking Jesus Action Figure

"removable clothes."

Here's another Jesus action figure you can buy at a special price if you buy the Einstein doll, too (ok, who wants a talking Einstein doll, honestly)

By the way, here's one of my favorite clips from Fox's "The Simpsons"about the difference between Protestant heaven and Catholic heaven. As a lifelong Lutheran, it's got me thinking...

Good news! The CNBC van pool is now free! But that's not exactly how we were notified. Instead we received a memo saying: "We are now able to fully subsidize the van service effective August 1st without imputed income implications."

I googled "imputed income implications" and only got three results. You have to work hard to come up with a phrase so uniquely corporate.

I can't believe it! My colleague, John Harwood had an "out of office reply" headline on his blog from July 6th until yesterday, AND PEOPLE KEPT CLICKING ON IT! There were days when he got more traffic than I did. (Probably due to how pathetic I am). People, that "out of office" thingy was not a ploy, some cute headline about Congress doing nothing this meant he was OUT...OF...THE...OFFICE. On second thought, maybe I'll try that headline next time I'm out and see if I get more hits that way!!

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