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The Street: Will New Musical Sell Long Or Short With Brokers?


A new musical, called "The Street" about Wall Street is having a sneak peak next week in lower Manhattan and opening in the Midtown International Theater festival. The press materials say "stock shorts, long odds, undercover moles and a misanthropic metrosexual all collide." Wall Street worked as subject matter for the movie "Wall Street"as well as some other fantastic street-themed films including "Boiler Room"and "American Psycho"(well, that's the worst part of that culture).

But it tends not to play well on TV, where a couple of banking-themed shows were cancelled, so, I wouldn't expect this show to be picked up on Broadway, which is populated by tourists. But I'll be curious to see if it holds up amongst the hardest audience, Wall Streeters themselves.

If any readers see it let me know. And in the meantime I'm keeping my eye on HBO's show about hedge funds from Doug Ellin that's in development (they haven't even decided if they'll shoot a pilot yet) and the sequel to "Wall Street" with Michael Douglas reprising his Gordon Gekko role, also about the hedge fund universe.

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