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Polo A Mass Market Sport? An Avid Reader Responds

Avid Retail Detail reader Davis Skinner weighed in on the viability of polo as a mass market sport and the appeal of Nacho Figueras as a model (a title that the athletically accomplished Figueras doesn't like.)

"Sir, let's research those pretentious comparisons. This was the only list I could find that even included's listed at number 110- behind dog sledding, arm wrestling, and "velodrome bike racing. He's a model."

The counterpoint to Davis is that for Ralph Lauren's marketing effortsthe viability of the sport is secondary to the strength of the image of the sport as exclusive and high-end. There isn't a mass market apparel item associated with any of the sports that he referenced in the email.

So Davis, I'm sure that you at some point have actually worn a "polo" shirt even if you haven't actually ridden a horse or attended a polo match. What do you think about the apparel marketing?

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