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John Edwards' Tax Policy Speech: Moving Others To the Left?

The tax debate is sharpening. The John Edwards' campaigntells me he'll deliver a speech in Iowa tomorrow on tax policy changes to make the IRS code reward "work, not wealth" in a greater way than it does now.

Details come in Des Moines tomorrow morning--just as Bush Treasury Secretary Hank Paulsonis holding a conference on the need to cut corporate taxes to spur the economy.

Republicans welcome an argument on taxes and spending as a unifying balm for their party after divisive fights over immigration and the Iraq war. And Democrats have found that Edwards is having considerable success driving the debate to the left.

That means the steps he proposes tomorrow may well goad Hillary Clintonand Barack Obamato follow suit in some fashion. And those of us eager for a clash of ideas on economic policy will have more to sink our teeth into.

Stay tuned--I'll blog on this again tomorrow.

FYI: Here's today's PC segment from "Street Signs" on how the 'lower level' Democrats are trying to get some traction. We focus on Delaware's Joe Biden.

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