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See What People Are Saying On July 25th

Too bad Guy's Levi story is too hot even for the internet. I suspected it was when I couldn't find it last night. I must have searched even a couple dozen sites other than CNBC. I was looking forward to being able to send it to my girlfriend.  

-- Ken

Ken, so sorry we weren't able to publish Guy's story about the Levi's 501 model with whom he was friends during college. I know Dylan promised it would be part of the Web.Extra on Tuesday's show, but the censors got the best of us!

I hope it wasn't too frustrating and please accept my apologies.

-- Lee Brodie

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What do you mean by 5-handle in the following statement.. Jeff Macke is staying cool. He reiterates that Costco (COST) with a 5-handle is a buy. Can you help me understand what you guys mean.

-- Ishwar S.

I know the guys often talk about stocks having a "handle." They're just referring to the first number in the share price.

So in this example, (which occurred during the segment "Your Best Sell-Off Proof Trades" broadcast on Tuesday July 24th) Costco closed at about $60.15. Jeff is saying if share price drops to $59-and change (hence a 5-handle), he thinks it's a buy! 

-- Lee Brodie

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