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CNBC Trillion Dollar Survey: Wall Street Still Bullish After Dow Drop


These are the official results of a CNBC Trillion Dollar Snap Survey conducted from 5pm ET Thursday, July 26 until 12:00pm ET Friday, July 27.

We emailed an invitation to almost 100 of Wall Street top money managers and investment strategists.  Many of them participated in our first Trillion Dollar Survey in mid-July.

The results reflect the opinions of those who accepted the invitation.  This is not a scientific poll.

Since our most recent survey, have you adjusted your year-end stock market targets:

Higher: 6%

Lower: 0%

No Change: 94%

Which of the following best characterizes Thursday's market drop?

Beginning of a bear market: 0%

Beginning of a correction in a long-term bull market: 43%

Buying opportunity: 46%

Wait and see: 11%

How would you best describe the deal market?

Deal boom is over: 9%

Look only for strategic deals: 62%

Minor hiccup, deal boom will continue: 29%

Is housing market turmoil "contained?"

Yes: 68%

No: 32%

What is your opinion of financial services stocks following their recent sell-off?

Time to buy: 41%

Stay away for now: 59%

Sell Sell Sell: 0%