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Nike Suspends Vick: End Of His Endorsement Deal For Good?


As many of you know, yesterday I called for Nike to dump Michael Vick. They sort of did that minutes ago, when they suspended his contract.My prediction? They'll never reactivate it. It's a really good move. They were never going to use Vick again, so there was no reason to stand by him. I'm not ignorant enough to think that they my writing did anything.

But I knew we weren't going to get through the day without them doing something. First, the NFL said it wasn't going to sell his jersey. Then Reebok, which makes the jerseys said they wouldn't sell them and they'd be refunding retailers who didn't want to keep their orders. And now Nike. Now I'm wondering how much the people at PETAare out financially, now that they can't really storm the Niketowns next week as they had planned.

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