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Paramount's "Mystery" Movie With No Name: A Big Hit?

While Wall Street weathers the market drop, Comic Con--the annual comic convention--is at a full roar in San Diego California. And the highlight to any true fanboy is the bit of information producer J.J. Abrams is releasing about his mysterious Paramount Pictures' movie. The trailer premiered right before a guaranteed blockbuster, with that obsessive young male audience, primed to get psyched for a big new idea--perhaps a big new monster. In a summer of sequels, this new movie looked fresh, and there was no title.

Here's a Media Money scoop--rumors have it that Abrams and Paramount purposely withheld the title to generate mystery and excitement. But in fact, insiders tell me that they just hadn't come up with a title yet--that moviegoers found the non-title thrilling, and not lame, was gold. Since that first mystery dozens of blogs have popped up, devoted to delving the depths of the web to find something-- anything--about the movie. They're working with some purposely mysterious sites Abrams and co. seem to have provided. This site, has what looks like snapshots from photos of a huge explosion of sorts, a new photo added every week or so. And and are just opaque to me.

So why is everyone so excited about J.J. Abrams? He rose to cult status producing "Alias,"and even more so with "Lost."He also directed "Mission Impossible III,"which was considered the best of that franchise, though it performed the worst of the three. He's proven that he can surprise, and take plots in a direction no one would ever expect--see "Lost's" shocking first two seasons. While "Lost's" ratings dropped his reputation hasn't suffered a bit. Now, in addition to this mystery film, code named Cloverfield, he's reviving the Star Trek franchise, directing the eleventh film, casting a whole new group of trekkies (including a Hero actor) and making the Transformers generation of fanboys into new Trekkies.

So what's the news of the new movie? J.J. Abrams took the stage and quickly dispelled the rumor that the movie is called "Monstrous" (Paramount bought the domain name But he did give some insight into the topic. People there reporting Abrams said: "I wanted a monster movie, and had taken my son to Japan and there were all these Godzilla dolls everywhere. However I decided we needed our own monster."

The fanboy contingent will surely go wild again when more is announced on August 1st. All this buzz certainly must make Paramount and Viacom pretty pleased. Hooking this film's star to "Transformers" release is working so far.

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