Behind the Wheel with Phil Lebeau

DeLorean Car: Back To The Future Right Now?


It sounds like a Hollywood script. Futuristic looking car generates the type of buzz needed to become a star: but it never shines as predicted, flames out amid scandal, and years later its devoted fans pine and plan for the icon's revival.

It's only fitting I see this story in the Los Angeles Time this weekend. The star car in question is the DeLorean. The famed sports car that has achieved greater popularity since its limited production finished in 1982.

According to the times, DeLorean loyalists will meet this week at Universal Studios in southern California just as they do at various locations around the country throughout the year. But what's intriguing is the plans of DeLorean Motor Corp in Texas to start manufacturing the car made famous in the movie, "Back to the Future".

At this point, it doesn't appear as though DeLorean Motors has plans to make a large quantity of the stainless steel car. But that doesn't matter. There's enough demand for a car like the DeLorean to make it a profitable specialty car.

All specialty cars have appeal, but the DeLorean is different. Its pop culture status, thanks to the Michael J. Foxmovies, has created a near cult status for the car. And with roughly 6,500 still out on the road, there's not enough to meet the demand of those who remember the car with gull wing doors and a futuristic design.

So keep your eyes open, for the DeLorean and its fans. It truly may be 'back to the future.'

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