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The Michael Vick Trade

From cycling to baseball, just about all sports are dealing with image problems with their superstars these days. The biggest image crisis of them all may be with the NFL's Atlanta Falcons and their star quarterback Michael Vick, who is allegedly involved with funding dogfights. That leads us to this financial question. Is the superstar advertising model dead? 

Former NFL quarterback and ESPN NFL Analyst Sean Salisbury joins the guys for this conversation.

Is the superstar advertising model on life support?

“No question,” replies Salisbury. He adds if Michael Vick is guilty he ought to go to jail.

Salisbury also says there are very good and upstanding men in the NFL who are great role models.

Do you feel sorry for Vick?

Salisbury says he doesn’t. “We all make mistakes, but if Mike Vick got involved (with illegal dog fighting) he should pay.”

Fast Money’s Pete Najarian also played pro-football. He says the trade is Under Armour (UA) because the company doesn’t use all-star athletes to promote their products. He blames Nike (NKE) for selecting Vick.

Fast Money’s Eric Bolling was a MLB ball player drafted by the Pirates. He feels pro-sports should adopt a one strike and you’re out "of advertising" policy. In other words, one strike, and no more sponsorships.

Eric jokes the trade is Corrections Corp (CXW) – the publicly traded prison company.

* It’s worth noting on July 23rd NFL commissioner Roger Goodell ordered Vick not to report to the Falcons' training camp

The Michael Vick Trade

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