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It's Time for the Lightning Round!

Syntax-Brillian : “Keep looking,” Cramer said. “You should be buying Corning .”

Kroger : Both Kroger and Safeway are hurt by food inflation. Cramer tends to think these companies do fine over time but “aren’t that interesting.”

Lundin Mining : “All mineral stocks are getting hammered” as the takeovers die down, Cramer said. He likes LMC’s product portfolio and every time this group has gotten compressed, it’s been right to buy, he said. “It’ll be no different this time.”

NYSE Euronext : Cramer called NYX as one of his growth stocks of the year, but he’s down 19% as of today, which is “awful,” he said. “I still believe though.”

Prudential : “Prudential is a great company and it will not founder on subprime,” Cramer said. It is one of the few financials he wants to own.

Honeywell : “I want to buy that stock right here! Honeywell is great!”

Apple : It’s ready to resume its climb, Cramer said. When it gets to $145, ring the register on some and then buy it back, he recommends.

Nucor : “I cannot get behind Nucor.” Cramer recommends sticking with Reliance Steel .

Great Lakes Dredge & Docks : This was a trade for the rebalancing of the Russell 2000, but nothing more.

Chordiant Software : After reporting a great quarter yesterday, Cramer would let this one ride a little bit more.

Amazon : Cramer wouldn’t necessarily recommend buying it anymore as the bears have staked their claim and are pushing it down, but he wouldn’t sell it either.

Jim's charitable trust owns Corning and NYSE Euronext.

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