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Croc Shoes Follow Up: Religious "Sole" For Wear?

In an earlier post, I mentioned how one Pittsburgh hospital is banning its staff from wearing Crocs shoes.

Well, it appears Crocs are just what the doctor ordered for some members of the Jewish faith. Here's how.

Last week was Tisha B'av, considered "the saddest day in Jewish history," marking several awful events that happened on that day over the centuries, including the destruction of Temple in Jerusalem not once, but twice--more than 600 years apart. On Tisha B'av Jews express their sadness, in part, by not wearing leather shoes (it's supposed to make them uncomfortable). Those observing the day usually wear rubber flip flops. But this year, portfolio manager Eric Distenfeld at Chestnut Ridge Capital noticed a lot of people coming to temple wearing Crocs. "I'd say I saw 400-500% growth year over year of CROX in shul."

So going into Thursday's earnings report, he bought a lot of CROX . The stock is up 16% since.

As David Beckham's ankle injurykeeps him off the field, LA Galaxy soccer fans (all 20 of them) are holding up signs expressing frustration. The multi-millionaire super star player hasn't played more than a few minutes since coming to America. Here are more signs, of frustration.

I run an under-the-radar contest inside CNBC to award the best "banner writers." You know--when someone is talking and at the bottom of the screen a banner reads "Bulls or Bears? You Decide!" Actually, that's a lousy banner. Here are the best ones I've seen on our air in the last month. The staff is currently voting for a winner who will receive a $10 Starbucks card. WHOO-HOO!

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We had several banners for Whole Foods' CEO John Mackey trashing Wild Oats online:
"John Mackey: Feeling his Oats"
"Granola to Sleaze-ola"
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And one we couldn't air, so it's not in the competition: "What an A-Whole"

I'm on vacation until the beginning of next week. Please continue to click on this blog even though I have nothing new to add. Why? The competition for blog traffic is FIERCE among us, and, well, my attempts at humor can't compete with Diana Olick giving you actual useful information. ( I put in her link but make sure you come back to me!)

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