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See What People Are Saying On Aug. 2nd

I was trying to find Bolling’s comment about shorting FSLR from last night’s show and it’s not part of the recap. It would be helpful to have a (brief) complete recap listing of ALL the stocks mentioned…

-- Val A.


Val, I have great news for you -- if you ever have trouble finding info in "The Rapid Recap" -- video clips of every segment of "Fast Money" can be found on our website.

- For the first 24 hours they live on our home page,, on the right side of your screen.

- Then, after 24 hours these same clips become embedded in the Rapid Recap posts.

I'm pretty sure Eric spoke about FSLR in "Pops and Drops." Below you'll find the link. (And for what it's worth, I think I wrote about it too...)

-- Lee Brodie

> Wednesday's Pops & Drops

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