Pharmas Market with Mike Huckman

The Gefilte Fish Fear Factor

For today only, Pharma's Market will be known as Fish Market. I'm going through security in Terminal B at Newark Liberty Airport on my way to shoot a story down South. I'm standing behind a middle-aged Jewish couple who is clearly Orthodox (she with the wig, he with the black hat and speaking Hebrew on his cell phone).

But when they go through screening there's a problem. They packed four pieces of gefilte fish to eat on their uncatered flight. For those who've never had it or seen it, gefilte fish is packed in a gel. And you know how the TSA feels about gels, liquids, creams, etc. The screener confiscated the gefilte contraband. I noticed a bag of pretzels in a see-through plastic grocery bag he was carrying on, so at least he and his wife will have that to snack on.

The couple did not protest. The woman only told me it never occurred to her that the gefilte gel would prevent it from getting through.

But the skies are safer this evening--and presumably a TSA agent's stomach will be fuller--now that the gefilte fish has been caught.

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