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Clinton's Strong Ties to Wall Street


Hillary Clinton, as well as many of the other presidential candidates, have forged strong ties with Wall Street, both financially and politically.

CNBC has compiled a list of who has gotten what from the world of hedge funds and private equity, and who are Clinton's main backers on Wall Street.

Most of Clinton's backers have given the $2,000 limit, but their work as "bundlers"--or supporters--matters more. There are no numbers for how much money they have gotten other people to contribute.

Contributions from Hedge Funds/Private Equity:

Mitt Romney: $797,325

Chris Dodd: $726,950

Hillary Clinton: $703,600

Barak Obama: $652,105

Rudy Giuliani: $644,750

Source: Opensecrets.org. Latest numbers since July 15

Hillary Clinton's Wall Street backers:

John Marck/Morgan Stanley

Heidi Miller, JP Morgan's Chief Exec. of Treasury and Security Services.

Alan Patricof, co-founder Apax Partners

Thomas H. Lee, Lee Equity Partners

Thomas Steyer, Farallon

James D. Robinson III, Former CEO Amex (former Republican)

Roger Alltman, Evercore

Blair Effron, Centerview

Glenn Hutchins, Silver Lake,

Steve Rattner, Quadrangle (former Lazard)

Clifton Robbins, BlueHarbour Group

Jim Simons, Renaissance Technolgies

Richard Perry, Perry Capital

David Shaw, DE Shaw

Glenn Dubin, Highbridge capital

Also: Warren Buffet.