Funny Business with Jane Wells

Fake Steve Outed, Now Fake Jane: The Real Fake Jane Is...

Fake Jane photo composite

"Fake Jane," the wildly popular alter-evil-ego of Real Jane, has been the talk of the blogosphere. Haven't you heard? Ok, take my word for it, then. Fake Jane "tells it like it is." She has opined on a variety of important issues of the day, like the distastrous impact HD cameras will have on her career. Fake Jane has railed against the hiring of young women in TV news--any woman younger than she is. Which is a lot of women.

Joe Kernen

Fake Jane also has no tolerance for lightweights, even though she prides herself in being one (she refuses to decipher Rick Santelli's "bond jibberish"). Funny Business has uncovered the true identity of Fake Jane. It's CNBC's own Joe Kernen.

The title: "Scabies--Diagnosing and Treating." Not sure what the investor angle is, but the pitch suggests, "Perhaps, this would be something you would be interested in covering especially with back-to-school quickly approaching." Yes, let's forget the subprime meltdown and the market's volatile swings. CNBC needs to rip the lid of this scabies thing.

Was I the only one who noticed today's op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal on how LINDSAY LOHAN HAS GOTTEN BAD ADVICE? (Sorry folks, you have to be a subsriber to read the full article, but then you have me to read it for you). The psychologist who wrote the piece suggests people stop telling the troubled starlet to never drink again, to get out of Hollywood, to lock herself down in rehab. This, in The Wall Street Journal. Perhaps editors are already trying to appeal to the incoming owner? On the other hand, I read every single word of the thing. Actually put my coffee down to read it. That's something Fake Jane would do, too.

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