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Dear Jim: I watched your “meltdown” video on YouTube and also your response explaining why you did it. I’m proud of you for taking the humility stance last Friday. Real people are getting hurt. People knew this was coming and stood idly by. Maybe it’s not criminal behavior, but I think it’s fair to call it a moral crime, right? People have known about the subprime mess for quite some time and have done nothing about it. I wanted to thank you for reminding the financial community that there are real people and real people’s lives at stake here. We can still be full-fledged capitalists and have morals, right? That’s a powerful lesson I hope your viewers will learn! -- Dave

Mad Mail

Cramer says: “You’re absolutely right…I did make a point I know was heard around the world, and I feel very good about it. It would have been irresponsible for me to just sit there and talk about a bunch of stocks you should own.”


Dear Jim: After seeing your Stop Trading! segment on Friday, all I could think was “WELCOME TO OUR HOUSE OF PAIN!” The Midwest has been experiencing the loss of thousands of manufacturing jobs, especially here in Detroit, for the past five years. However, until job losses affect Wall Street, brokers and the credit markets, it seems that no one cares about someone else’s pain. Thanks for speaking up for the finance people, next will you please rant about U.S. manufacturing jobs that are being lost non-stop! –-Kathy

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