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See What People Are Saying On Aug. 7th

The Vanguard Emerging Markets Stock ETF(VWO) has been real good, at least for me. Thought your viewers should know.

Thanks for a great show!

-- Garry A. from VA

Gary sent me this information to supplement a Fast Money conversation on Monday about Emerging Markets. Click below to read what the guys had to say.

-- Lee Brodie

> No. 3 - Re-Emerging Markets?


I read a lot of stock related books... I just happened to start this book last week "Confessions of a Wall Street Analyst" by Dan Reingold. I recommend it.

-- Dan S.

Thanks for telling us about it, Dan.

Readers, if you're still looking for a summer book, maybe check this one out?!  It was published Feb. 1, 2006 and I just saw it on Amazon for 8 bucks..

And if you want to recommend a book - don't hesitate!

-- Lee Brodie
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