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Dear Jim: I love your show. I think the federal government also heard you with the adjustment to Fannie's ability to buy more mortgages. Question: Would the Fed loosening hurt the dollar and in turn hurt the value of my holdings relative to the rest of the world? --John

Mad Mail

Cramer says: “I’m not going to beat around the bush … I frankly don’t care.” Cramer thinks people should focus on the millions of Americans who could lose their homes versus the dollar and tarriffs and “a whole bunch of nonsense” relative to the potential disaster of people being forced out of their homes because of the mortgage crisis.

Dear Jim:
I need to congratulate you on your latest "Mad Money" convert. My 7-year-old son, Neal, has just opened his 1st online brokerage account with his hard-earned and well-saved $1000… Every day when I picked him up from school Mad Money would play on our car's sat-radio and he would ask "Hey Mom, did the bulls or the bears win today?"… I would personally like to thank you for helping us to instill in our son the value of saving for and investing in the future. I would like you to celebrate the fact that you have been an integral part in the development of our son's blueprint for financial success. I know you always hear about how much you help people to make money, but I hope you also hear that the impact you make reaches far beyond the dollar signs. Smile, pat yourself on the back, and toast yourself on this one Jim! Just don't use the cheap scotch. Knowing what you have done for my son and hopefully for my younger one as well (too soon to tell), you definitely deserve the good stuff. --Krista

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