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It's times like these when your experience in all market conditions counts more than ever. Thanks for keeping us out of the banks, brokers, and homebuilders when others are advising "great buying opportunity." There is so much noise out there. We're hanging on your coat tails and keeping calm. --Kathleen

Cramer says: “I’m making a lot of mistakes. It’s a very difficult environment. And it’s more important than ever for people to do homework…I’m one guy, I’ve been around and I’m making mistakes. I need you to do your homework and get comfortable with what you’re doing.”


Dear Jim: My wife and I are Australians living in Alaska and watch your show every night. Love the show...thanks. The soundboard is terrific but given the events of the past week we think you're missing a sound. When the “House of Pain” isn’t quite enough you need the “House of Agony”… If you want to use it...go right ahead...but we're hoping there won't be a need for it as we head past 14,000 to your forecast! --Richard & Sharon

Mad Mail

Want to get your hands on Cramer's Sound Board? You can find it here. Watch the video to hear Richard and Sharon's "House of Agony" sound. Thanks to both of you!


Dear Jim: In light of the current volatility in the market, I want to take the defensive strategy that you suggest. What asset classes other than equities would you recommend in these turbulent times? Maybe some ETFs? How about securities backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government? P.S. -- Great job on The Colbert Report. "YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!!" --John in Illinois

Cramer says: “I think cash is king. Just keep some cash. You don’t need to do anything fancier.”

Dear Jim: I'd like your advice on Macy's. I've taken a killing in the stock recently. The KKR rumors even got me to buy a little more, and now we're near the 52-week low. Do you think that I should just wait it out for it to recover/get bought out, or should I wait for the next spike and just get out of this retail mess I'm in? --Ace

Cramer says: “I think the stock has another down 10%. You make the judgment.” If you want to handle it down 10% then you hold on to it. Otherwise, Cramer thinks you’re in for a house of pain.

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