Funny Business with Jane Wells

That's Hot


A company called Summer Soles says our feet are sweating sooooo much in this heat that we'd do ANYTHING to stop it. Naturally, the company sells peel-and-stick fabric sole inserts which whisk away foot sweat. Hey, somebody's gotta do it. But here's just how bad the problem is:

"In the most shocking revelation, 7.7% of those surveyed indicated they would 'give up sex for one month' in return for a stay-dry solution that would allow them to wear any type of shoe comfortably in hot weather. More than a quarter of respondents (27%) said they would 'give up morning coffee for one month.'"

Really? I mean, people, come on! Foot sweat so bad you'd give up coffee?

Fake Jane photo composite

Fake Jane Responds

I'll tell you what makes me sweat. Trying to get on the air. They won't put me on. Claim I don't have anything useful to say. Being on air like oxygen. Must...breathe. Need...air...time. SOS! So desperate I'm now perspiring in places where I either had sweat glands removed or beaten to death with a Botox syringe.

More Reader Reaction to Countrywide

From Richard M. on the whole mortgage biz after my Friday blog outside Countrywide:

"My buddy was trying to get me to get into the 'biz' and wouldn't you know it, just when I said okay the business goes up in smoke faster than Tom Cruise's zipper on his wedding night. So now the word from inside J.P. Morgan Chase is that this time next year the big ten mortgage lenders will be the big five."

MAJOR points, Rich, for the Cruise analogy.

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