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I must say that when I write about soccer, my e-mail box always fills up. There might not be a ton of soccer fans in the U.S., but after WWE fans, they're the most vocal, passionate fans I've ever seen. So yesterday, I did my part to bash Beckham, saying that he could leave the MLS worse off than before he arrived. I put up a poll and expected maybe 10 percent of readers to agree with me. After all, it's a bit early. Well, with at least 140 votes in, an amazing 27 percent of people said that they thought that the MLS is worse off because of Beckham. Here's a mixed mailbag on Beckham.

"Why don't you write an article about Americans who can't see past one season in MLS? Isn't that the real problem in America...that people demand instant gratification or there on to the next thing? As a soccer fan, I am going to enjoy watching Beckham play over the next five years. I'm not going anywhere. And if fickle 'fans' are going to turn elsewhere just cause he doesn't play a lot this year...then we don't want them as 'fans' in the first place."

-- Chris Atkins

Even before Beckham got hurt I thought this would be a one year thing. Next year, except for real soccer fans, nobody will care about Beckham. I suspect next year at this time if you ask somebody about Beckham they will ask you if he is still playing.

I lived in New York when Pele came to the US. There was incredible excitement while Pele played. When he left the league lost its excitement and died. I am not a soccer fan but even I could see the brilliance of Pele. Beckham is not in the same class as Pele and Pele couldn't convert the US."

-- Gerry L.

I also received plenty of e-mail from our John Daly poll. Most of you thought that John Daly, who drinks 15 Diet Cokesa day, should be an endorser for the soft drink. It was our most lopsided poll to date, with 79 percent of you saying he should be the next face of the brand.

"I can't believe the results of your poll so far! 80 per cent of the people think Daly would be a good Diet Coke spokesman? I love John, he's a colorful character, but I think he's a risk as an endorser. I think he may be too colorful."

-- Tim Rush

"John Daly is a true to form endorsers dream! He stands firmly behind the products he pitches -- not too difficult when Hooters is one -- and is one of the most approachable, friendly, likeable 'professional athletes.' The one major issue I can see with Coke, more importantly Diet Coke, using him for endorsement deals is simply his size. In a day and age when everyone should be excepted for who they are, not how they appear, Americans seem consumed with the image portrayal of healthy body's and living, while the truth is so far from the fact as eluded in your china posting about a XXL shirt. Coke cannot have someone endorsing their "Diet" product while weighing in roughly within the 300 lbs range."

-- Todd Corrigall

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