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Sicko's Ongoing Aftershocks

Michael Moore

You can always count on Nielsen/Net Ratings to let you know exactly how huge a pop culture issue actually is. Michael Moore's film, Sicko, released back on June 29 -- is still making waves online. Web traffic to blogs discussing Sicko reached 1.2 million unique visitors in May. By June traffic was down to 814,000, though people are still visiting related websites, especially as the presidential political debate on health care heats up.

How'd the film do? It's brought in $23.3 million dollars, the fourth most successful documentary ever -- after Farenheit 9/11, March of the Penguins, and An Inconvenient Truth. The DVD is out November 6th -- I don't imagine it'll be a big holiday gift, but this movie is going to continue to have a presence.

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