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Are You Diversified?

It is a different market out there than it was just one month ago, Cramer said. The game has changed; and it appears that fear and volatility are the new regime, at least for time being. So what's your best bet? Stay diversified. While it is no cure-all to capital preservation, it is the best hope in an uncertain time.

Am I Diversified?

Katherine has what Cramer’s looking for. She could easily take some short-term losses, Cramer said, but long-term this portfolio is great. “That’s diversification, which is what we want in this environment."

XTO is the best oil & gas driller in America, Cramer said, and that bull market is not over. Starbucks is also very close to being recommended which brings Cramer to this portfolio’s biggest question: Are IBM and Microsoft two-of-a-kind? They’re both tech but one is hardware and one is software, so Cramer is willing to bless it."

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