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How Did Guy Adami Determine Dow 12,700?

How did Guy determine 12,700 is where the Dow will land before Labor Day?  I am impressed since we are getting closer, he placed a time table to it, and made the comment multiple times when the Dow was hundreds of points away from 13,000.

-- Jeremy from Ohio

I spoke with Guy Adami and I think you’ll find his methods very interesting. There’s both research and instinct behind his 12,700 call.

What he told me is that he keeps his ear to the ground and really listens to people including financial news anchors and correspondents, his own colleagues and opinion leaders such as CEOs and the like.

A few things that really seemed to resonate with him and ultimately influenced his call were …

Rick Santelli’s interview on Fast Money
High volume of shares trading when a stock had hit a 52-week high
News stories of subprime spreading

Jeremy, I too am very impressed. Guy first made this call a while back.

-- Lee Brodie

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