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Is Conan Going to be CNBC's Neighbor in LA?

Conan O'Brien was spotted by Jane Wells strolling around Universal City walking with an entourage yesterday. And now we know why! "Desperate Housewives" likely will be moved from its current stage here at Universal to accommodate the "Tonight Show," which would move from NBC's Burbank lot just for Conan.

Some context: CNBC's Los Angeles Bureau isn't in Burbank with NBC's bureau, nor are we on the Universal Studios lot. We're in Universal CityWalk, the tourist attraction/mall right next door to the Universal Studios Theme park -- I'm talking touristy restaurants like Hard Rock Cafe, a movie theater and a range of retail outlets.

There's even one of those dancing fountains that kids love to run through in the summer. And yes, that's where I'm often standing when I report from outside. And we share a building with Telemundo and MunDos.

If Conan were based here at Universal, he could get so much great man-on-the-street stuff. This place is an easy target for comedy! But since that's not all that matters to these late night celebs, I'm sure Conan (and entourage) was also cruising to check out the lunch options.

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