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Dear Jim: Texas Instruments has gone down a little over 10% since you recommended it. I checked the fundies (which were good), waited a few days and jumped on board just in time for the ride down. I haven't heard you mention it in a while, and I wonder: Is it time to bail out or back up the truck and throw some more money at it? Is tech still where you wanna be? --Mike

Mad Mail

Cramer says: “Not only is tech where I want to be but I stand by Texas Instruments. The company has been buying back stock hand over first … tech is seasonably right … TXN has a good balance sheet and it’s not expensive.” Every stock is going down right now, Cramer said, and TXN will just go down less – and then when the market turns it will go up more. “That’s all we can ask for.”

Cramer says: “I think American Standard is in good shape.” It doesn’t seem like it’s holding up but that’s true for most stocks. Cramer refuses to be “flummoxed by it.” His homework on ASD says it is fine here.

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