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See What People Are Saying On August 17th

You know, you are all nuts.  Of course that is what I like.  Web Extra is proof.  Almost never miss the show!  Just keep talking stocks and markets. 

-- S. J. from PA

Thanks for writing S.J. And you're right - we are all nuts! But do keep in touch - we'd love you to be nuts, with us!

-- Lee Brodie


Where is "See What People Are Saying" in The Rapid Recap? I cannot find the " See What People Are Saying" section.

-- Tom

See What People Are Saying is a daily post that you'll always find on the left side of the Fast Money page. Or you can click on Rapid Recap and scroll down. You'll always find it that way too. (I know it seems a little self indulgent to answer this question in a "See What People Are Saying" post but I didn't know what else to do!)

-- Lee Brodie

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