Funny Business with Jane Wells

You Laugh Because It Hurts Too Much to Cry Pt. 2

The folks who run a song parody site called VERSUS have sent me their "song of the week." If this doesn't make you smile through the pain, well, pour yourself another scotch and thenclick here and watch this video.

Readers Try to Smile

Your emails continue to try to see the lighter side of "Mortgage Madness."

From Marcus K:

"I opened my e mail this morning and there in my in box is a note from Countrywide...... offering me a $299,000 line of equity credit... they make it seem so easy..."

From Will H, responding to the reader who said Fidelity sent him a letter suggesting he had too much of his investment money in cash:

"I got one of those phone calls today from my bank... to invest in one of her bank's 'fund of funds'... so I could have 'the security and peace of mind that come with proven professional fund management.' I told her I was moving the funds into Canadian Royalty Trust for four to five months, that I didn't like the weight in financials in her fund or the idea of owning funds within funds. She did her best to convince me I was making big mistake. I laughed so hard at her call today that I wasn't able to explain why I was laughing."

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