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Dendreon Shares Boosted by Early Neuvenge Clinical Trial


Shares of Dendreonrose Monday after the company said its breast cancer drug was effective in an early stage clinical trial.

The drug, Neuvenge, was tested on 18 patients with metastasized breast cancer who did not respond to standard treatment. They were given the drug at the start of the trial, a second dose two weeks later, and a third dose four weeks after the trial began.

Dendreon said the drug produced a "significant immune response" that was increased by additional doses. Four patients showed evidence of "anti-cancer activity," including three whose illness did not progress for more than a year.

Neuvenge is designed to increase the body's response to HER2/neu, a kind of protein that is prevalent in tumors.

The drug was also well-tolerated, with the most severe side effects including fever and chills that typically faded one or two days after infusion of the drug.

The results from the study were published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology.

The shares closed at $7.32 on Friday.

Dendreon stock surged in early April, reaching an all-time high of $25.25 after a Food and Drug Administration panel recommended approval of the company's prostate cancer vaccine Provenge. The stock gave up most of those gains in May, after the FDA asked Dendreon for more data about the drug.

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