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Lamborghini Is Now My Dream Car: What's Yours?


After a week of driving the California coast in a Lamborghini, getting back to the office is bringing on a real case of withdrawal. Seriously, after a 5 days of the "Lamborghini life" you get spoiled. It also has me pondering a question I'd like you to answer: What's your dream drive?

For me, the Giro Lamborghini 2007 was never at the top of my list. I'd heard about past drives and thought they sounded fascinating. Yet, for me, the lambo never hooked my interest. It has now.

In addition to spending last week with CEO Stephan Winkleman and 25 Lamborghini owners from around thew country, I also spent a week earlier this summer in Italy. Part of that week was at Lamborghini's headquarters outside Bologna. These two experiences have left a dramatic impression on me.

In Italy, I was impressed by the care Lamborghini puts into its Murcielago and Gallardo models. Pushing a Gallardo Spyder convertible through the Italian hills showed the Lamborghini precision. In California, I was fascinated with the bond and zest for driving shown by Lamborghini drivers. It's not uncommon for many to get together and hang out at the the Lamborghini of Orange County dealership.

As one of the owners told me, "I knew I was buying a great car, I didn't know I was buying so many friends.". No wonder, many of the drivers called last week's ride a "dream drive".

So now it's your turn. Tell me what is you dream drive. Where? In what car? And, most importantly, why?

Everyone has one, and I want hear yours. Later this week I'll pot some of your replies. 

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