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Best Restroom  Of The Year Or Just Some Toilet Humor?


Here's an award worth winning! Cintas, which provides bathroom supplies, announced the winner of this year’s “best restroom” contest. The award goes to Jungle Jim’s International Market, a grocery store outside Cincinnati. Get this. The bathroom entrances appear to be portable toilets. But once inside, they all lead to a jungle themed restroom with flowers, tropical pictures, and even marble! Sounds better than my bathroom at home! Owner Jim Bonaminio tells the Associated Press, "People are so tense these days. Those bathrooms just seem to make people laugh and that's what we're all about: laughing and having fun."

Bless you, Jim Bonaminio! In an age where going to the airport is as frustrating as standing in line for bread in the old Soviet Union, where you take your life in your hands every time you go on the highway because the guy behind you may go off in a rage, it’s nice to know that some Ohio grocery store lets you discover “paradise” in the head.

In Minneapolis starting today (Wednesday), it’s a trucker's paradise. The American Trucking Associations is having the annual National Truck Driving Championships. Four hundred drivers compete in eight different vehicle classes. But, watch out! FedEx has entered a record breaking 78 drivers. That’s 20% of the competitors! Though FedEx is quick to point out that its drivers “not only deliver on time, but also do so safely…”

But, like Miss America, it’s not just how you look in a bathing suit, or how quickly you can stop that 18-wheeler in a pit of mud. According to the press release, “The drivers accumulate points by demonstrating their driving skills and knowledge of the industry through a written exam, personal interview, pre-trip inspection and field test.” Personal interview? “I just want to bring about world peace and an end to road rage everywhere.”

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