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Florence Henderson Back in Oil Business (Canola That Is)

Florence Henderson

Wesson Oil has re-hired Florence Hendersonas spokeswoman. The company is supposed to post some of her old commercials on their ConAgraWeb site, but I couldn’t find them. What I did find is Henderson’s “tips for cooking with canola oil” (yes, I truly believe these tips came straight from Flo’s kitchen and were not made up by marketing people… no, really, I believe that):

· Create zesty, homemade salad dressing with canola oil because it doesn’t separate from other ingredients and has a light color and taste.

· Healthier breakfast and snack options for kids are now easier than ever. Add a twist to one of kids’ favorite foods by making peanut butter and jelly muffins with heart-healthy canola oil.

· Use Wesson Canola Oil when baking chicken or French fries. Simply pat the chicken with oil and roll in cracker crumbs before baking to seal in the meat’s juices. Chicken doesn’t need to be fried to get that tasty, crispy texture.

Personally, seeing Henderson doing her “mom” thing again sure beats the last time I mentioned her, and got an earful about it from Shirley Jones’ husband: The Marty Ingel's Memo: His Rebuttal To Me.

I’m in Vail for the next few days, “working.” I plan to blog, if I am not too busy eating and drinking. And eating some more. And then another drink.

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