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'Anchorwoman" Stirs Debate: Real News Or Talking Air Head?

"Anchorwoman" (2007)

There's this new Fox reality TV show called 'Anchorwoman' in which an inappropriately-dressing blonde model and WWE spokeswoman is hired to anchor the news. Swimsuit model drives in her convertible (painting her toenails as she drives) to host a local newscast. Her clothes are too revealing, the previous anchorwoman is livid, and hilarity ensues.

It sounds like it's so full of cliches it must be mostly scripted. What I find interesting is the fact that some organizations of journalists are taking this seriously. The Society of Professional Journalists calls it "despicable." But does that mean the show addresses some touchy issues (trading experience and integrity for looks)?

Somehow it's no surprise the show's on Fox. Aren't they looking to cast their new Business News channel? (wink, wink)

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