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Ana Ivanovic: You're My Favorite (Beautiful) Athlete


I'm going to be very professional here. I promise. Ana Ivanovic, the 19-year-old from Serbia, is the most beautiful athlete in the world. I know it's all subjective. It's just my opinion. But I have a feeling others, when they have a chance to see her--either in photos or in person will agree.

That combined with the fact that this girl has one of the nastiest forehands in the game means that she has the best shot to supplant Maria Sharapova as the tennis world's most marketable star. I know, winning a grand slam title has to happen, but I feel like this must be coming soon after I saw her wax Sharapova 6-2, 6-1 in the French Open semis.

Congratulations to those who already have relationships with her--Adidas, Wilson and Juice Plus, the company owned by her agent and financial backer. You got in at the right time.

Wilson was apparently there before she got her braces off:

And a company called Aqua Via showed us she could play basketball:

So for those who you who haven't seen her, enjoy this photo gallery, courtesy of the folks at Adidas and Ana's management team of Dan Holzmann and Gavin Versi. Just click on the link below:

And one programming note, we'll be live from the U.S. Open on Monday to tell Ana's story. The first piece is scheduled to run on "Squawk Box" at 7:50 am EST.

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