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New Cars Sales: The Reasons Why You Aren't Buying

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and the number of e-mails and votes on our web poll has prompted me to end this week with the reason why many of you are putting buying a new car or truck. The answers might surprise you.

First, 78 % of the people who answered are web poll say they are not pulling the trigger right now on a new car. Many of you say it's because you are feeling the pinch of the economy slowing down.

Joel wrote, "I was in the market for a Lexus but I am putting it off. I am a day trader (for 15 years) and do not have a feel for how the market will go in the next 3-6 months."

But others of you say, it's not the economy, but the idea of shackling yourself with a monthly payment that bothers you. Chris in California owns three cars that are all paid for and "I won't be buying anything for several more years."

I expected those types of e-mails. What I didn't expect was how many people e-mailed they are putting off buying a new car until hybrids become more widely available. Louis e-mailed, "I'm waiting a year to see if automakers can make a comfortable, more realistically priced hybrid."

I also heard from many people who said, they want to buy a new car, and would love to buy American models, but have little confidence in what Detroit is building right now.

And while most of the e-mails since Wednesday have been about not buying a new set of wheels, there are some, like, John who are ready to visit the dealership as usual. He says, "I buy a truck every 100,000 miles. Nothing has changed."

Have a great weekend everyone!

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