Funny Business with Jane Wells

Jockey's Wedgie Proof Brief And The Butt Cam


Jockey has decided that to sell underwear, it needs to tell you how uncomfortable underwear makes you. Follow me here. Actually, don't follow me here because I've got nowhere to go with this one. At, the brief-maker tries the hot-hot-hot concept of "viral marketing" by showing how people react to wedgies created by "inferior undergarments."

Certain wedgie-avoidance moves have been given names like "The Van Damme" for guys, and "The Bees" for girls--which looks more like fighting off bees than doing anything with your underwear. You can click and share uploaded videos from "regular folks" demonstrating problems with their underwear. Why do this? Because you must have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE TO DO. Except, well, I kinda like this one: Click here to see woman in front of TV set.

MIRROR MIRROR ON MY BUTT (and while we're on the subject)
For those of you who feel ripped off by flattering lighting and slimming mirrors in the clothing store dressing room--wondering how you could possibly look so good in that outfit (newsflash: you don't)--finally, a store that lets you see how you really look in those jeans.

Hub Clothing has installed a "Butt Cam" which shoots your backside and lets you see that picture on a monitor. The high-end retailer in Scottsdale, Arizona, sells jeans ranging from $150 to $900, which has me wondering if my wallet looks fat enough in those jeans. See the camera here: The end is in sight: Butt Cam aids shopper (camera on right side)

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