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Happy Birthday, Warren Buffett!

Warren Buffett was born 77 years ago today, on August 30, 1930, in Omaha, Nebraska.  He shares his birthday with baseball Hall-of-Famer Ted Williams, who was born 12 years earlier in 1918.  (He also shares the great slugger's ability and willingness to wait for the right pitch. See the WBW post Why Warren Buffett Hits Like Ted Williams.)

Last year, his celebration including a wedding.  He married Astrid Menks in a small, private ceremony, in keeping with the unpretentious Buffett style.

*** FILE *** Warren Buffett, right, chairman of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., walks with Astrid Menks, Saturday, July 15, 2006, at the annual Allen & Co. media conference in Sun Valley, Idaho. Buffett married his longtime companion, Astrid Menks, in a private ceremony Wednesday Aug. 30, 2006, the Omaha World-Herald reported in a copyrighted story in its Thursday editions. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)
Elaine Thompson

Don't expect a repeat this year.  His daughter, Susan, quotes him as saying it was his "last" wedding.  (Mr. Buffett was married to his first wife, also named Susan, from 1952 until her death 3 years ago.  While they were separated since 1977, by all accounts they remained close.)

What's changed since Mr. Buffett's birth?  A few things:

Population of Omaha

1930: 214,006

2006 (estimate): 427,872

Dow Jones Industrial Average:

August 29, 1930: 240.42

August 29, 2007: 13,289.29

Inflation-Adjusted 'Real' Value of $10,000:

1930: $10,000

2006: $113,917

Warren Buffett's Age:

1930: 0

2007: 77

What hasn't changed over the seven-plus decades, from Benjamin Graham's 1934 classic Security Analysis to right now?  Using common sense to find and buy the shares of good companies at bargain prices.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Buffett!

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