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Yanks/ BoSox Rivalry: Ticket To Big Business


I love the rivalries and I love to cover the business of rivalries. Because it’s amazing what people will pay for a ticket and how many people feel they have to be in the stadium.

Just got a great number from the folks at eBay’s   StubHub. For last night’s Red Sox-Yankees game, there were 9,216 tickets sold on StubHub. Just to give you an idea, that’s about 16 percent of the crowd. That’s the highest number I’ve ever heard. It makes you wonder how many tickets turn over in a rivalry like this. StubHub we're assuming, is 50 percent of what was sold in total (admittedly a high percentage). Doubling 16 percent is 32 percent which means that 32 percent of people sold their tickets on the secondary market and that means that 68 percent kept their tickets.

It goes to show why the teams want to get in on the secondary market. For what it’s worth, StubHub is now the official secondary ticket partner of Major League Baseball.

Business of “Big Papi”
For all the talk about the marketing potential of A-Rod and Jeter and even Matsuzaka, you really don’t hear much about David Ortiz.And I realized I should be talking about him especially if, as USA Today believes, the Red Sox are the new Yankees. The guy is obviously an unbelievable player, who is just so likeable. And he’s proven he can have some great fun. Love his work in the VitaminWater commercial with Brian Urlacher:

And the two ESPN SportsCenter commercials are really good:


Ortiz is one of the only baseball players who has his own signature cleat (with Reebok). He also has deals with Sharp Electronics and XM and he recently signed a deal with Hallmark, which is going to make Ortiz holiday ornaments this year. Ortiz’s book, “Big Papi”was also a bestseller.

“Companies are interested in using him because of he’s a top player who is very popular and his infectious smile on a person of his size doesn’t hurt either,” said Alex Radetsky, an agent at SFX who along with Fernando Cuza and Diego Bentz represent Ortiz.

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