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Global Warming Trade

It started out almost as a fringe movement, but now most everyone has accepted the idea that global warming is on the rise. Now that our energy-intensive lifestyle is spreading from America to the rest of the planet, there will be big money in the solutions to the energy crisis.

Al Gore, Leonardo DiCaprio and a growing polar bear may be unable to move the hearts of the most hardened Wall Street barbarians, but they have been able to move their wallets. From BP to even Goldman Sachs, Corporate America is embracing the idea that going green may add up to green.

Global Warming Trade

Taking a cue from the success of the Toyota Prius, General Motors is developing a viable electric car. And the corn boom down on the farm? That's been driven by big Wall Street bets on ethanol.

With China passing the US this year in carbon emissions and oil prices showing no signs of a long-term pullback, How can you put your money behind the fight for cleaner energy and a cleaner world?

Eric Bolling says dependence on fossil fuel is a problem and he thinks the only answer is nuclear energy. Consequently, he says the trade is Cameco (CCJ) and USEC (UCU).

Guy Adami likes Fluor Corp. (FLR).

Jeff Macke prefers Exxon-Mobil (XOM).

Pete Najarian recommends Toyota (TM) because they’re working on diesel clean advanced technology sometimes called “DCAT”.

Eric adds GE (GE), parent company of this network, is heavily involved in alternative energy (such as windfarms) and he thinks the company will be on the forefront if the technology really takes off.

Hezy Ram, Executive VP of Ormat (ORA) joins the conversation. His company drills thousands of feet underground to pump out hot water to make power for utilities like Southern California Edison and Sierra Pacific.

How efficient is this method of generating power?

“The costs puts us on par with fossil based fuel, says Ram. “But this (type of energy) is clean. We don’t emit anything to the atmosphere – we don’t contaminate the water and don’t put anything in the ground.”

Can you do this anywhere?

“It’s site specific. It works well in the Western United States,” explains Ram. ‘In California 5% of power is geo-thermal. That’s major. And we supply one quarter of the power on the big island of Hawaii.”

Your stock is performing nicely. How much money can you make?

“That’s a good question!” replies Ram. “I can tell you the technology has been online for 100 years… so it’s a well proven technology.

Are you permitted to drill in areas where fossil fuel drillers are not allowed?

“Every place we go to drill, we have to clear an environmental review. We can’t drill in national parks and the like,” says Ram.

But is it more liberal?

“I would hope so, but I’m not sure,” answers Ram “So far we’ve never had a problem.”

The guys like the concept as well as the technology and advise investors to take a closer look and get more information.

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