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KFC Has A 'Finger Lickin Good' Mail Call

KFC Delivers in the office.

KFC is trying to get people to buy its new $2.99 lunch deals by going door-to-door at the office. Literally. It is paying to put plates of chicken on company mail carts making the rounds in office buildings before lunch.

KFC is calling it a "scent focused" pilot program in Washington D.C., Chicago, and Dallas. As much as I want to mock this endeavor, I can't. It actually seems to be a cheap yet effective way to get the word out. Still, I have questions. By the time the chicken on the mail cart reaches the fifth floor...will it still be enticing or just plain disgusting?

Here's my favorite part of the project. KFC is teaming up with the Salvation Army and in this campaign. Ok, maybe they're with the Salvation Army because it's good at handing out hot meals? I thought maybe has something to do with scents. No. It's a relationship web site. Maybe both companies are good in selling meat?

To my blog Wednesday on how people in wealthier neighborhoods are less likely to be obese, Jason H. explains it's because they live in big houses:

"They're also a pain to live in because you're always going upstairs or up the driveway... maybe that's why you lose weight."

For the blog yesterday asking someone to explain what SOA means in the following press release headline: "Attacking the Inhibitors to SOA Adoption," Wendy F. came up with the best explanation: "SaveOurA**"

Fake Jane photo composite

Real Jane thinks the other women at CNBC are all so great. Gag me. She's so transparent. All this flurry of rumors about a cat fight over which woman can get more coverage has me furious. Why? Not one of those rumors mentions me, Fake Jane. Why can't I get some air time on "Today"? Where are my glowing reviews from media reporters? My on-air love letters from Rush Limbaugh? What do Erin, Maria, Melissa, Becky, Sue, Trish have that I don't have? Don't answer that. I'm so depressed. Time for another acid peel.

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