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The following is the unofficial transcript of a CNBC interview with Apple CEO Steve Jobs on CNBC's "Closing Bell" today at 4:20 PM ET.

In the CNBC exclusive interview with CNBC's Jim Goldman, Apple CEO Steve Jobs discusses the new iPods, the iPhone and the Beatles, among other topics:

Jim Goldman: This was a big day for Apple. A completely refreshed, redesigned line of iPod. A new partnership with Starbucks getting a lot of buzz and a big price cut for iPhone. The new iPod Nano sees a big increase in screen size. Two inches to 2.5 inches. Squatty, but lots more performance. The new iPod Touch, everyone seems to be excited about this one featuring a touch screen. Looks like the iPhone without the phone connectivity. It's a huge display with a Wi-Fi connection. That's a big deal because it means wireless music and video downloads on the go as well as youtube. In my interview with Jobs I asked how pleased he was with the latest iPod line-up.

Steve Jobs: When we create stuff, we do it because we listen to customers, get their inputs and also throw in what we'd like to see, too. We cook up new products. You never really know if people will love them as much as you do. The most exciting thing is you have butterflies in your stomach in the days leading up to these events. To learn people love it as much as you do is a relief and also really exciting.

Goldman:  One of the reasons for Apple's steep stock decline today was word that the iPhone price would be slashed by $100 for the 8-gig model Apple would no longer be focused on the smaller storage 4-gig model. The concern was that it would hurt revenue in a significant way. Apple thinks volume will make up for a price discount. I asked Steve Jobs about that as well.

Jobs: We want to get more aggressive for the holiday season. So, you know, we know a lot of people want an iPhone. For some, it's out of their price range. We want it to be affordable for more people as we head into the holiday season. We'll launch the iPhone in  Europe next quarter.

Goldman: Asia?

Jobs: Asia, probably 2008. I think we'll start to see it in some countries in Europe next quarter.

Goldman: What about a deal with the Beatles? A lot of speculation about whether some kind of partnership or arrangement would be announced between Apple iTunes and the Beatles label today. A lot of speculation leading up to this event. There was no news forthcoming. I asked Steve Jobs about that, too. When are we going to get a Beatles, iTunes deal?

Jobs: It's up to Apple Corps. I hope you will see something in the next six months. We'll see. We are very lucky to have Paul McCartney’s solo work on iTunes. We have added John Lennon solo work and Ringo's solo work. We hope George’s solo work isn't far in the future. We love the stuff. Of course we'd like the beatles, too. When Apple Corps is ready, we're ready to go.

**Sirens in Background**

Goldman: That always happens out here. Hopefully you can hear me. I should tell you that Jobs’s comments regarding any kind of Beatles deal happening in the next six months is the most optimistic this company has been publicly since the question has been asked. That's generating excitement as we talk to people around here and said that jobs was speculating about a deal.

The Starbucks deal also a huge deal with apple as well. 50,000 Starbucks. You walk into a store, hear a song, a little icon appears on the iPod or iPhone. Like the song? Click on it, it tells you what the song is and you can buy it wirelessly. Cool stuff.

Melissa Francis: They may be coming for you, Jim. Great concentration. Thanks for joining us.

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