Mad Money

It's Time for the Lightning Round!

CME Group : This company is a principal beneficiary of the volatility in the market, Cramer said. It hasn’t moved yet but he thinks it will soon, and now’s the time to buy.

Life Partners : Cramer calls the business model “brilliant.” He liked it before and he likes it again.

Mastercard : This is a transaction play and a play on the conversion from cash and checks to credit, which is happening worldwide, Cramer said. It’s been stalled here but he thinks it’s just resting and he remains bullish.

UnitedHealth : Cramer has been behind UNH even as it has gone down, but then again, so has Warren Buffett who has been buying it hand-over-fist. Cramer thinks the stock works and he’s sticking by it.

Teck Cominco : “I would pull the trigger right here,” down about eight points from its high, Cramer said.

Ingles Market : Cramer does not care for anything in the supermarket complex. “I’m not going there.”

Arris Group : Cramer would rather be safe and stick with Cisco .

Sirius Satellite : The risk reward is good enough that Cramer is finally getting behind Sirius.

Brush Engineered : This company makes special hard materials that go into aerospace and defense, two of Cramer’s wild bull markets. He’s bullish on Brush Engineered.

Valassis Communications : The newspaper insert business is a dinosaur, Cramer said. The insert game on the web is much better, which is why he’d rather own one share of Google than 20 shares of Valassis.

Apple : This is one of Cramer’s four horsemen of tech and he’s standing behind it. It has been a bit of a punching bag but now it’s ready to break out, he said.