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Dear Jim: It seems that one reason Halliburton stock has failed to outperform Schlumberger and BJ Services is that HAL is the worst-run company in the oil patch. Best name, worst management. What is your feeling? Rock on Cramer! -- George

Cramer's Mad Mail

Cramer says: “I can’t go with that.” He thinks the KBR spin-off could have been done better but the real problem with HAL is that it isn’t internationally exposed enough. He thinks it could have snatched up GlobalSantaFe before Transocean did.

Dear Jim: I've done my homework and I'm about to pull the trigger, but I need a 2nd opinion. Tim Hortons - they are only in select markets right now but will open 60-80 new stores this year in the US. They reported lower earnings than expected last quarter due to a major tax increase, and yet the stock didn't seem to suffer. My problem is that I don't know what to compare the stock to. Tim Hortons is in the same market as McDonald’s and Starbucks, but clearly sells different products than both. Is THI already too expensive? -- Gabriel

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