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Are You Diversified?


When Cramer recommends a stock, that doesn't mean you should throw all of your eggs into one basket, even if you're almost positive it'll go up. Diversification is the only free lunch Wall Street serves, so make sure you’ve mixed up your holdings – or let Cramer help.

David has some “dynamite stocks,” Cramer said, including three of Cramer’s four horsemen of tech and his favorite insurance company (Travelers). Unfortunately, he’s got four tech stocks and he’ll be going to the House of Pain with this portfolio is tech goes down. Cramer would throw back Apple, Research in Motion and Baidu but hang on to Google.

Am I Diversified?

Nokia and Corning are just too much alike even though Cramer likes both companies. Since NOK is around its 52-week high and GLW is well off, Cramer recommends swapping out of Nokia and adding a defense stock.

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