Are You Doing What You Love?

Minneapolis, MN - Three friends, Ken Hall, Keri Barney, and Jodene Jensen who, in 2003, founded P.B.Loco, a peanut butter restaurant.Date: Wednesday November 1, 2006 Photo by © MMG Publishing/Todd Buchanan 2006 Technical Questions:; Phone: 612-226-5154.
© Mmg Publishing/todd Buchanan 2

Do you love your job?  If the answer is no, then tonight’s show will get you fired up.  You might just spark your very own million dollar idea and say “I’m Outta Here!”  You’ll meet three former attorneys who did exactly that.  They are the people behind P.B. Loco - and all three of them are NUTS about peanut butter.  You’ll also meet Rhonda Anderson, the founder of Creative Memories.  She discovered her multi-million dollar idea tucked away in the attics and under the beds of the people she knew.  

I spent quite a bit of time in the green room before we taped the show today.  I was explaining to one of the guests how we love to hear how appearing on the show positively impacts their business.  He referred to it as the “Deutsch Effect” and told me that he was excited for the show to air and see what the “Deutsch Effect” would do for his new business.  This particular guest was here to tape a segment called “My Idea Will Make Millions” so he’s pretty sure he’s on the verge of making millions with his business.  I’m standing by for that follow-up call.     

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