Funny Business with Jane Wells

Hot Weather? Come To Fahrenheit 129

We have been sweltering out here in the West, which leads me to my two favorite hot business pitches:

First... they're trying to get people to come up to the Canadian Rockies to celebrate the centennial of Jasper National Park. The pitch: come to the newly-refurbished Miette Hot Springs! Uh, ok. I did a little research. The Miette Hot Springs are the hottest hot springs in Canada. The water comes shooting out of the Earth's core "at 54 degree Celsius." That's nice. Is that like three kilometers? What the heck is that for the 300 million Americans who measure everything by Fahrenheit?

So I found a converter online, and it turns out that equals 129 degrees. Wow, that really is hot. But I Googled some more and found that there are places with even hotter water. The hot springs on the Greek island of Lesbos (yep, that island), is a scorching 192 degrees! Fahrenheit! Of course, they cool it down before you get in. The cool thing about these hot springs is that it only costs a few bucks to get into any of them. Of course, my plane fare from LAX to Lesbos would be a little more.

It's an Aquapub!A floating table and six chairs for your pool that is "unsinkable." INGENIOUS! The product, made by Canada-based Custom Design even has storage space onboard so no one has to get out of the pool to get more beer. No price is listed on the Custom Design Web site, but elsewhere I've seen it priced at $1,400. The Aquapub (ok, the name makes me laugh, oh, Canada!) is also made in part from recycled materials. This is to make you feel better! As if someone who's drinking a beer while floating on a friggin' table in the middle of the deep end is thinking about saving planet Earth.

Fake Jane photo composite


From Frank H:

"When it comes to Market Reporting; Jane ain't no fake! Jane does not need a chemical peel. Jane Wells is as KFC, Finger Lickin Good! Moreover, deserves income equal with the top 20 highest paid US fund managers during 2006, $657.5 million, might enjoy some of that income myself."

By the way, Martin E. found another KFC story (I blogged about the company's latest marketing ploy last Thursday). He provided me with a link to NPR's Web site which says:

"Kentucky Fried Chicken wants to put a fish sandwich on its menu, but is waiting for approval from Pope Benedict XVI. The fast-food chain is only offering the sandwich during Lent, and has asked the Vatican for the pope's blessing."

The Colonel must be playing a game of chicken with the Vatican...

Finally, Ray T. comments on current politics in a very politically incorrect way regarding my blog Tuesday about America's Ugliest Office--which displayed a picture of a desk chair doubling as a toilet:

"In fact that picture is of Senator Larry Craig's office..."

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