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Apple's iPod, AMD: A Look At Cool Tech

For the Tech Check segment on "Closing Bell" today, a look back and a look ahead at cool technology making headlines.

First up, next Monday will be a big day for chipmaker Advanced Micro Devices . The company has rented out a big chunk of George Lucas' facility on San Francisco' Presidio where AMD will unveil its long-awaited, and long delayed server chip code-named Barcelona. CEO Hector Ruiz will be running the show which AMD calls its "most anticipated premiere event." Look for the webcast of AMD's Quad-core AMD Opteron event. Not to be outdone, AMD rival Intel released its Quad-Core Xeon chips earlier this week.

Apple's new iPods generated a lot of attention this week: the redesigned Nano; the cool, touch screen iPod; but another device the company unveiled at the same time is generating its own fair share of love inside the iPod community: the iPod "Classic." At 160 Gigs, this bad boy will store up to 40,000 songs.

And what if you haven't gone "digital" yet and you're wondering what to do with all your vinyl? check out the Stanton T.90 USB high torque turntable. A simple device at $299, all you do is hook it up to your PC with a USB cable, play your albums on the turntable, and they're turned into MP3 files and loaded onto your desktop. Pretty cool if you're pining for the vinyl "crackles" that went away as the world went digital.

Steve Jobs in his keynote on Wednesday said that better than 32% of all new music releases last year went straight to digital. No CDs! you can imagine if that stat is accurate that vinyl is fast-and-furious headed for extinction. So a bridge device like this one might be your last best bet in preserving your vinyl on your PC. Get more information at

And if you're a Lego fan, and a Lucas fan--Lego and Lucas dominate the entertainment scene in my house with a 6-year-old and 3-year-old, there's some big news in video games. LucasArts is showing a trailer on its Web site for the new "Complete Saga" which combines both Star Wars trilogies and lets players interchange characters from both trilogies or even create their own.

The new Lego version of the game from LucasArts will be released soon. The site is also now offering a first look at what the Lego creations and games will look like for the upcoming Indiana Jones blockbuster scheduled for release next summer, starring Harrison Ford. Lucas, Spielberg, Indiana Jones and Lego. My advice to the 12 and under set? Start saving that allowance now. The games and kits look very cool.

It's been a busy week. Time for a chance to re-charge. Enjoy your weekend.

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