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It's Time for a Trojan Edition of the Lightning Round!

AT&T : With AT&T under $40 for the first time since last spring, Cramer would be a buyer here. But keep in mind, he said, that the iPhone isn’t what drives T’s earnings; it’s good old-fashioned phone lines.

NewMarket : For the first time on a Back to School Tour, Cramer is completely and utterly stumped! A “Trojan embarrassment,” he called it, promising to look into the stock.

Chesepeake Energy : “I like XTO Energy more.”

Ford : Cramer thinks CEO Alan Mulally is “doing a good job,” but Ford needs a rate cut in a bad way. If you want to buy the stock, go with the preferred instead of the common, he said, but he would rather stay away from the auto industry as a whole.

Starbucks : Cramer said he wishes he could pull the trigger on SBUX but it’s just too expensive. He’ll get behind it when it drops to $22. Until then, he recommends McDonald’s , which “has more room for expansion.”

Caterpillar : Cramer doesn’t understand why people haven’t realized that CAT is a ‘rest-of-world’ play and not a housing play. It’s a great American manufacturer, a world-class name, he said, and sales will ramp with the dollar coming down, he said.

Aqua America : It can’t seem to grow earnings without acquisitions, Cramer said. “Maybe there’s something better happening there … it has not been one of my favorite plays.”

Jamba Juice : People want the next Hansen , Cramer said, but the next Hansen is Hansen. Jamba is too speculative for him.

Under Armour : Cramer expects UA to get sold during this uncertainty in the market, but he would pull the trigger after the selling. In the meantime, he recommends Nike for its leverage toward the 2008 Olympics.

International Game Technology : Gambling is one of our greatest exports, Cramer said, and IGT is the arms merchant to the casinos. “Buy, buy buy.”

Jim's charitable trust owns Nike, Caterpillar, XTO Energy and McDonald's.

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