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Stop Trading!


The agricultural bull market, led by Deere , is an example of a great story that has “nothing to do with the Fed,” Cramer said during Stop Trading!

Stop Trading!

Cramer said he felt “emboldened” by the bullish story Deere CEO Robert Lane described in a CNBC interview Friday. Monsanto and Bunge are two other ways to play the agriculture complex, Cramer said, although he felt less optimistic on AgCo : “Why do you need AgCo if you have Deere?”

Investors need to understand that the supply side is much more of a controlling factor for the price of oil than the demand side in the U.S., Cramer said, and he recommended waiting until oil-service stocks like Schlumberger pulled back before buying.

In the semiconductor space, Cramer expressed concern that Intel’s stock was down despite raising guidance. “We’re too complacent on the downside,” he said, adding that if Intel’s gross margins are up, investors can expect competitor AMD’s margins will also be going up.

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